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Welcome to the web site for the Law Offices of Daniel J. Andoni & Associates, P.L.C. - a full service  boutique law  firm located in downtown Flint, Michigan. We provide knowledgeable, ethical, and aggressive advocacy for our clients. We understand that each case, as well as each client, is unique and thus, tailor our representation to your specific needs. We should also mention that we achieve phenomonal results for our clients, Click here to find out how.


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I take pride in finding solutions to difficult problems. That is why I practice law. While I focus my practice on three specific areas, Family Law, Criminal Law and Civil Litigation, please feel free to contact my office with your specific problem. If I cannot provide you with a solution, I will let you know and try to point you in the right direction. I will not take on a case that I do not think that I can provide a favorable outcome for my client.

The practice areas listed below are my strong suits and have been successful in obtaining favorable outcomes for clients, companies and families in these areas. Feel free to click on the links and explore some of our resources.



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Areas of Practice


    This area of law can be the most stressful as the decsisons you make may have unintended consquences effecting generations.

  • Divorce

     Divorce is painful for a family, our job is to ease that pain.  Once you have decided that a divorce is necessary there are several issues you should take into consideration before doing anything. Your next few choices could have tremendous and unintended consequences for you and your family.

  • Child Support

    This area of the law is perhaps the most deceptive, because it seems so simple. Generally, we calculate support by taking each of the parent’s income and the overnights they spend with child and determine a monthly child support obligation. If it were that simple our courts would not be crowded with litigants attempting to reduce or increase child support. 

       Unfortunately, the Michigan Child Support Manual is loaded with legal  pitfalls and it takes knowledge of the intricacies of the manual to calculate child support. 

  • Parenting Time

    Parenting time is exactly like it sounds, it governs the actual time a party spends with a child. Unlike custody which requires a change  in circumstances or proper cause to modify an order.  Parenting time can change as the child grows and his/her needs change.  As well as the schedule of the parties.  

  • Post Divorce Issues

    So you have a Judgment/Order its says XYZ, but your former spouse or co-parent is not compiling. You have several options depending but choosing the right one for your circumstances can be daunting. Perhaps the language in the Court document is ambiguous or you and the other party are reading the Order differently. Please call our office to set appointment to understand your options.

  • Child Custody

    There is no presumption that a child will be better off with either parent, instead our courts are mandated to look at the twelve best interest of the child factors and determine custody based on a analysis of those factors. I have linked a copy of the factors, be careful not to read them as a scorecard. The court will not simply tally the results and award custody to one party rather it will balance each of the factors.


    If you have been arrested or you think you are being investigated for a crime, please call immediately. While the government has a high burden of proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, it has tremendous resources to make sure you are convicted.  It is imperative that witnesses are interviewed and a defense formulated as soon as possible.

  • Misdemeanors 

    These crimes are crimes where the maximum penalty is less than a year of incarceration. Therefore, Defendant’s sometimes act as if they are no big deal, if not taken seriously and without proper representation misdemeanors crimes can have permanent consequences in regard to employment, insurance and sentencing guidelines. Furthermore, while you may not be incarcerated at all, you may be sentenced to long and stringent term of probation.

  • Drunk Driving

    More people than ever before are being arrested for drunk driving. Which means two things; the police are getting better at their investigations (field sobriety test, Datamaster administration) and prosecutors are increasingly unwilling to make reasonable plea bargain offers. It is important to hire an attorney who will fight on your behalf and analyze the evidence against you in order to obatin the best possible outcome.

  • Driving Infractions

    This area deals with those civil infractions that the government expects you to pay and not contest. Many people think that they will be unsuccessful because “its your word against the cops, and the judge always believes the police”. I am here to tell you that is not always true;  you can negotiate a favorable outcome with the prosecutor even before going to a formal hearing but if a hearing is required hire an attorney familiar with Michigan’s traffic offenses.

  • Felony Crimes

    These are the serious crimes where your liberty is at stake and you need to act fast. In these types cases it is usually a family member or a loved one who is tasked with finding an attorney (the Defendant is probably in jail) probably the Defendant has a court date coming quickly in these circumstances and in others it is very important to the hire the right attorney quickly to met with the Defendant and interview witnesses, in order to formulate a defense. Currently we do not take all felony cases but we have second chair program which provides the best value in Genesee County.


    Civil litigation is complex and can be costly if not done correctly, we provide the right mixture of expertise and common sense to get your case resolved. By employing the latest technology we can litigate even the most complex legal issue. Whether you are being sued or feel you need legal assistance to resolve your dispute please feel free to contact our office.

  • Personal Injury

    When it comes to personal injury we are very selective usually we accept  one personal injury case at a time. The reason for this is because if you are injured the insurance company, or other adverse party, will spend tremendous amount of money to make sure you are not compensated. We do personally injury on contingency which means if you do not receive compensation either do we. 

  • Insurance Claims

    Have you been paying premiums and now you have to make a claim and the insurance company wants to mitigate your damage by offering a lowball amount? You have rights and we can get the insurance company to abide by your policy and pay you your fair share.

  • Debtors Rights

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